ISL Competitive Center has excellent faculty and everybody is competent from reputed institutes. At our institute we offer incomparable learning experience with unconquerable approaches. From the beginning, we have been driven by the core objective to offer the preeminent training to the applicants. Our all-inclusive training and tutoring program will benefit to score high and attain India’s top ranks in the Medical Examinations and Engineering. By leveraging the experience of our aptitude, we bring you the learning experience that assists you to attain your academic aims which will direct you to the true path for a constructive future. 


Mission and Vision

ISL Competitive Center unwaveringly concentrates on providing access and facilitates student success and accomplishment. Stimulated by an inventive and student-centered approach, ISL Competitive Center delivers on choice courses and services that promote and guide different student populations across the New Delhi and nearby region to complete pathways leading to the achievement of associate degrees, career readiness, certificates and transfer to their preferred colleges/universities. To make an exceptional competitive atmosphere in student community by quality of imparting qualitative teaching with combined strategy and technical approach to produce dexterous professionals. As the best in business we have led a learning movement, which is committed to the modest cause of facilitating students across the country.

Our exceptional tactic gets ready students for competitive exams. Our distinguishing facet has always been the superiority that we deliver to our most valued students. There are points which make us superior over other caching center in Delhi and nearby regions:-

  • Demonstrate aptitude to put on critical thinking and exploration.
  • Demonstrate moral, civic, ecological, and social accountability.
  • Demonstrate information proficiency.
  • Demonstrate advanced thinking, and adaptive, ingenious problem-solving skills.
  • Demonstrate understanding and respect for social and universal diversity.
  • Use real communication and interactive skills.

Assessment series is designed to give real time experience of the examination, it is stirred in such a way that actual exam looks very simple to the learner. Assessment series is followed by their solution and evaluation, so that students will come to be acquainted with the area of enhancement and they can come out with flying colors. ​

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