The Course Module


It is a two year package premeditated to provide a comprehensive preparation for clearing the entrance examination for numerous Undergraduate Courses in Law, Management, Mass Communication, Hotel Management, etc. This program is suitable for students of Class XI. The students will be exposed to ample preparation during their final two school years because a fruitful utilization of this time will help them enter their dream course and college.

This course is offered in the following three phases:

  1. May to December (first year): Students complete the course during their Class XI.
  2. March to November (second year): Students complete the course for the second time with ample/fresh practice assessments during their Class XII. This helps them in revising the concepts and being thorough with attempting full and timed new and/or previous year’s papers.
  3. March end to June (third year): The students revise the entire course for the second time tofurther strengthen their grasp on the subjects, analyze and work on their shortcomings under expert individual guidance, and understand concepts they are less confident about. With enough practice papers and books that ISL CC provides to the students, by this time they are exam ready!


  • Other than the above mentioned detailed course, we also provide crash course that stretches up to three months wherein the student will be able to not only cover up the course content, but will also be appearing for several mock tests so as to polish their flawed areas. The course, though precise, will be as per the time-at-hand for the student and will cover all subjects in all their depths in very little time.
  • Hence, the sole purpose of this course will be to make the most of the very little time the aspirant has at hand. No stone will be left unturned in working hard with the student and the apprentice will be exposed to only prime quality content.
  • ISL CC understands the value of trust that parents and students embed in it, and it does realise the worth of their time. Therefore, none of the two would ever be taken for granted. The trust once built, will only be strengthened further with time.


  • This is another worth mentioning feature other than the above two offered modules. This course can be clashed, that is, pursued by both class XI and class XII students as it offers a comprehensive preparation for the Under-Graduate courses. This planner keeps in knowledge the tuition timings and school timings of the students and offers them a slot as per their convenience, thus avoiding any and every rattle with their routine. It is also structured in such a way that the students are not burdened and their studies do not suffer.
  • We create batches as per the needs of the students so that no aspirant has to compromise even in the least. These batches run simultaneously so as to let students sailing in the same boat, be at par with each other.
  • The clashed course also offers preparation tests and personality enhancement classes periodically because we at ISL CC strongly believe that hard-work towards personality polish needs to begin at the earliest in order to develop a masterpiece. Most entrance exams are followed by personal interviews. This is a shaded and a dreaded arena for students. ISL CC works towards making this their strength, not only so that the ‘clash in a flash’, but also so that they live with confidence and heads held high in low tides as well as high.

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