Revelation and Ideals

ISL CC Revelation and Ideals:


ISL CC is a resolute entity that visions to become a trustworthy trail for students between the age groups of 15 and 18 years. Its steadfast slant is to spearhead students across a career pavement that plainly reverberates with their skills.


ISL Competitive Centre strongly adheres to its commitments and actions. The organization is completely shaping itself as per the changing norms and altering times, but still believes in its three strong masts- The Three Cs of ISL CC follow: 


ISL Competitive Centre’s integrity is based on a massive notion of a meritocracy based on human values and a code of conduct. The institute’s unrivaled perspective assesses merit in terms of the reliable methodologies it employs. ISL CC ties each professional morality to rock-solid ethics, resulting in a beam of wholesome development for each person. Merit paves a virtual and beneficial path for everyone, whether it is students, parents, enrolling authorities, or those who join hands with the distinguished organization. 


ISL Competitive Centre strongly believes in educating, enlightening, and helping students imbibe the best of authentic knowledge. Hence, irrespective of the course students pick up, their sessions and mock practices are never at rest. We keep in mind a congenial environment where students smile as they attain knowledge, thus living- up to the modern idea of ‘edutainment’.


Competence is a structural strategy for achieving success for both the body and the students. Every step ISL CC takes is a step closer to victory, which it continues to take with an unwaveringly efficient stride. The organization’s adeptness and proactive bravery are enhanced by efficiency combined with strict professionalism.

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