Star Highlights

  1. ISL CC (Concept Classes): At ISL CC, we believe in providing Meticulous & thorough training to our candidates by our Experienced and Expert Faculty on subjects like Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, Verbal Ability, and Logical Reasoning. That is why we are known to be one of the Best Competitive Exam Center in Lajpat Nagar. Apart from that, we have arranged the Current Affairs classes in a more timely manner and structured them in such a way that the Latest- News and happenings around the world are constantly updated. Our students have an edge on others as we have more than 800 hours of concept-building classes to ensure proper exposure to the syllabus and boost their Self-Confidence. ‘Extra Essence’, ‘Revision Rooms’ and ‘Doubt Destructions’ are a bonus that we offer to give the students a final touch to their already thorough practice.
  1. CC BOOKS and MORE– Our students have access to plenty of Study Materials, Mini Booklets, Quick Revision Accesses, and Question Paper Booklets that are true to their originality and are made by our Experienced and Expert faculty. 
  1. Easy Entry to CCA (Competitive Centre’s Account)– We provide a 24×7 E-learning dais which contains Test Papers, Results, Training Modules, Home Assignments (with answer keys), Class Schedules, College Form Details, Filled Sample Forms, etc. It is must-have access to help students in their preparations and self- provisions, certainly an anytime anywhere ready-to-help-you course material to which you have easy access.
  1. Knowledge at a Finger Snap– ISL CC mock test pocket booklets have been developed keeping in mind the exact requirement of the entrance examination. Our Experienced Faculties have designed these booklets with the utmost care, keeping in mind the current trend of Competitive Examinations. These papers are available in the print format and soft copy form to suit the students. Also, the mock papers are regularly updated considering the latest updates and keeping in mind the changes in the exam pattern. This helps the students to be updated and saves their time.
  1. Current Affairs Remaining Current – ISL CC makes it a point to update this section wherein all the latest details and current affairs of the world are just a click away. In addition to this, precise and concise assignments are also made available so that the aspirants can test where they are lacking, and which all areas they require a relook.
  1. PA (Performance Analysis) – The vital part of taking tests is that you get a chance to analyze your performance timely. We offer the student a performance analysis on various parameters such as time bounds, section-based analysis, subject-based analysis, difficulty-level based analysis, complete test paper analysis, etc., and all that is just a click away! It gives you a chance to scrutinize where your current standing is. 
  1. Icon for Form Apprises – We thrive to provide support for our students with systematic and steady updates regarding college/university form release, admission dates, criteria, points to remember, and changes (if any). Admission information within and outside New Delhi is informed regularly. Incessant support by the Director and the faculty is a bonus as students may contact anyone keeping no time bar and all hesitations at bay. To make the process friendlier, the Icon also has made available some filled sample forms. Hence, be ready to witness a hassle-free experience!
  1. Lecture Capture – There may be times when students miss a lecture/s due to time constraints or social commitments. to overcome this ISL CC has developed a facility “Lecture Capture” and has enabled this for all our Students. They will always have access to lectures that they miss, via recordings which will be provided to them as and when requested. This facility has been utilized by our students in the past and it is indeed a “star feature” which makes us one of the Best Competitive Exam training Center in Lajpat Nagar.
  1. At Your Service – We always give predominant importance to the Satisfaction of our Students & Parents. Thus apart from giving them FREE – DEMO CLASSES, we also offer them FREE COUNSELLING where-in our Experts clear their Doubts regarding the selection of courses or any other thing for that matter. We believe that A Clear Picture always Leads to a Better Future. 
  1. GDPI Sessions– Another Major USP of ISL CC is our Group Discussion and the Personal Interview Sessions that we timely hold. Practice sessions of GDPI are elaborate and are all about discussions, exchanging viewpoints, extended discourses, and a healthy war of wits. This not only enhances the students’ personalities but also boosts their confidence. This Session of ours prepares them for the actual GDPIs.

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